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El ZiS-30 en War Thunder: En War Thunder, el ZiS-30 es un cazacarros soviético de grado II con un BR de 2.3. Tiene una velocidad máxima de 39 km/h la cual puede alcanzar en 20 sobre terreno llano. El tiempo necesario para que el casco gire 360° es de 10 segundos, dándole al vehículo una tasa de giro transversal de 36° por segundo. The ZiS-30 in War Thunder: In War Thunder, the ZiS-30 is Soviet rank II tank destroyer with a BR of 2.3. It has a top speed of 39 km/h 24.2 mph, which it can reach in 20 seconds on flat surface. The amount of time needed for a full 360° hull traverse is 10 seconds, giving.

The ZIS-30 is a Rank II Russian tank destroyer Description Edit. The ZiS-30 is the first Soviet tank destroyer on the Soviet tech tree. The highlight of this tank destroyer is its ridiculously powerful gun for its tier, which is capable of destroying most tanks of a similar tier in one shot. Wiki info about ZiS-30. Official War Thunder wiki. During the first battles of the Great Patriotic War, it became clear that a new tank destroyer had to be developed, capable of quickly relocating and fighting German tank units, whose mobility significantly exceeded that of the Red Army's tank units. War Thunder Generator - OPEN. In this War Thunder video tutorial, I roll out in the ZiS-30, Soviet, Tier-2, Tank Destroyer. Gameplay begins at the 8:40 minute mark on the video timeline Hey fellow Tubers, I hate to ask but, I could really use your help in growing this channel. 20/02/2015 · When Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the largely obsolete Soviet tank force was reduced to a fraction of its original size. As one of the desperate stop-gap measures to counter the German tank forces, T-20 Komsomolets tracked artillery tractors were converted to.

06/06/2014 · Ive searched for a thread on this topic, and I couldnt find anything. The lack of ammunition on the Zis-30 is an issue. In a game with a decent length I regularly need to exit a perfectly fine tank because I run out of ammunition without the option to reload. Is there a historical reason why the. 02/09/2017 · Hola a todos, pues eso, en el ZIS 30 se observa en su parte posterior unos anclajes a tierra que están, naturalmente, plegados. Mi pregunta es si es posible desplegarlos para aumentar la seguridad en el disparo, ya que en el ZIS cada vez que disparas hay que recomponer el tiro porque todo el vehículo se ha movido. Le ZiS-30 dans War Thunder: Dans War Thunder, le Zis-30 est un chasseur de chars Soviétique avec un Br de 2.3. Il peut monter à 39km/h en 20 secondes à plat. Le véhicule est capable de faire un 360° en 10 secondes, soit 36°/s de traverse.

ZiS-30 ve War Thunderu: Ve War Thunderu je ZiS-30 sovětským stíhačem tanků 2. úrovně s hodnotou BR 2.3. Maximální rychlost vozidla činí 39 km/h na rovném povrchu, které lze dosáhnout v čase 20 vteřin. Plný 360° obrat ZiS-30 dokončí během deseti vteřin, což vozidlu dává rychlost točení 36° stupňů za. Zis-30 Zis-30. Rang I. Battle Rating 1.7. Benötigte Erfahrungspunkte 4000. Anschaffungskosten 2100 Silver Lions. Trainingskosten Mannschaft 600 Silver Lions. Expertenfähigkeit Mannschaft 2100 Silver Lions Gesamtkosten 4800 Silver Lions Gesamtkosten der Module 2840 Silver Lions. Gleisketten FP 300 SL 180: Parts FP 300 SL 180: Drehkranz. The ZiS-30 was a Soviet tank destroyer based of the Komsomolet tractors. Built in response to Germany’s invasion by Operation Barbarossa 1941, this tank was equipped with the best anti-tank cannon of its time, the 57mm ZiS-2. The ZiS-30 came to be in 1941, because the Soviets lacked everything but manpower to fight the war. They desperately needed tanks, but especially AT vehicles in order to halt the German advance which was gaining ground as a result of their superior armored divisions. 31/10/2014 · Początkowo ominąłem ten śmieszny pojazd, brzydki, pokraczny, z małą ilością amunicji. Dzisiaj szukając sposobu żeby zarobić 70frgów i się nie narobić wróciłem do tego czegoś. OMFG, armata jest genialnie celna, szybko ładuje i w dużej ilości przypadków.

The ZiS-30 can be killed by machine gun fire, and its low profile/visibility is negated by nametags. Also the ZiS-30 will be easily killed by an aircraft strafing run or by a nearby artillery strike, meaning it has to be away from the main fighting force avoid arty while still being in cover from air strikes. What's great about it is the gun. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. '18th separate tank Brigade, vehicle no.3' Western Front October 1941, USSR. Camouflage created by wtando download here /sharedfiles.

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ZiS-30 LVTA4 ZIS-2 ␗LVTA4 ZiS-2 General info. Tell us about the tactical and technical characteristics of the cannon or machine gun. Available ammunition. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example. All content should be clearly relevant to the game of War Thunder and its vehicles. Memes must be clearly visually relevant to War Thunder. This means just having a witty related caption or title is not enough. Be creative and use game assets to tie it into War Thunder. O ZiS-30 no War Thunder: No War Thunder, o ZiS-30 é um caçatanques soviético de nível II com um BR de 2.3. Ele possui uma velocidade máxima de 39 km/h 24.2 mph, no qual alcança em 20 segundo em superfície plana. W War Thunderze ZiS-30 jest radzieckim niszczycielem czołgów należącym do II ery o klasyfikacji bitewnej równej 2,3. Prędkość maksymalną 39 km/h rozwija po 20 sekundach rozpędzania na płaskim podłożu. Obrót kadłuba o 360° zajmuje 10 sekund, średnia prędkość kątowa wynosi zatem. The title and photo says it all. I have a question tho should i report on small little things like that, im sure devs have bigger problems to take care of?

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